Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Adventures of Phoebe & Shruti

I digress from my professional and personal reflection, but I promise it’s a good story.

What can I tell you about last night?  Well, it started off pretty good.  Made a whole tray of egg muffins, (a week’s worth of breakfast), skyped with my family, read a few pages from the GRE book and made egg-less chocolate chip cookie dough for dinner.  Pretty fantastic. The not so fantastic part: being locked out of my bedroom and bathroom for half the night.  

11 pm:  Muffins baked, family addressed, books read, cookie dough devoured, check, check, check, and check.  Bed time!
Feed the cat
Turn off all the lights.
Lock the doors
Alright, Tuesday, I’m ready for you!
Attempt to get into bedroom, no such luck.
The door’s locked?

Plan A:  Key, must find the key.  Wait, what key? Okay, don’t have the key to the door.
Plan B:  Try the door to the guest bedroom.  Locked, no key. Okay.
Plan C:  Go outside, and open bedroom door on the veranda. Keys to said door locked in bedroom. Shit.

12 am:  call Megan (PCV) Help! Cultural dilemma! Landlady didn't give me all the keys to the doors! Grenadians go to sleep at 8 pm, do I call her and wake her up? YES! Forget the bed, you’re going to need the bathroom. Great, so much for being a mature adult responsible enough to have her own apartment.

…15 calls to landlady….still locked out. Okay, well, I have my computer, and the internet works.  Google will help me!

Search:  How to unlock bedroom door without key (Google’s awesome)


Attempt to dig a butter knife into the door latch. Fail. Fail. Fail.

Call landlady. Success! She has the keys!

Thanks for coming over at 1 am! How did you do this!! I don’t know!  Help me fix it!

No luck.  She doesn’t have the keys either. Attempt to break into my bedroom from the veranda. Banging arouses neighbor, Junior.

Junior: Shruti, what’s going on? Locked out. Great, do you need my help? YES! Bring your crowbar!

Continue to attempt to break into my bedroom from outside, no luck.

Alright, let’s go back inside.

Attempt to wrench inside door with crowbar.  No success.

Decided:  drill hole in wall to unlatch door. Okay, Junior, go get your tools.

Wait! I like that door! Don’t destroy it! Back to butter knife technique. Nudge. Nudge. Nudge. Click!

2 am:  Success!

Thank you Google.